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Recruiting Process

Each potential candidate are compulsorily required to sit in a preliminary interview conducted by our recruitment officers before the final selection. Depending upon the suitability and requirements we conduct either virtual interviews or office interviews to decide the shortlisted candidates.

1. First interview:

After receiving the application for our published job openings, we determine the eligibility of the candidates and set a first interview date. Depending upon the nature of the job, we either conduct interviews at our own offices or we conduct a virtual interview for candidates who cannot come to our office for sitting on an interview. Virtual interviews are done through video calls and is primarily applied for candidates who are either currently outside Nepal or are unable to come to our offices because of distance or cost reasons.

2. Final Interview:

Many employers opt to send their own HR representatives to Nepal for final interview. For conducting such interviews successfully, our organization makes all the necessary preparations. We inform the candidates well in advance before the interview dates. We also host a dedicated AC-powered facility equipped with all the necessary office items including-computers, telephones and internet for the interview sessions. Additionally, we are also capable of conducting interviews on behalf of our international employers, taking full responsibility of the selected candidates before they are dispatched to their employment destination.

Selection criteria
Every candidate is required to have basic literacy as determined by the government of Nepal. Additionally, it’s compulsory for every candidate to be in the right physical and mental health. We also conduct the psychiatric tests for candidates in order to ensure that they possesses the right attitude and disciplinary skills to fit into the job. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign the final agreement or contract paper.

In cases where employers seek employees with specific knowledge and skills, we form special selection committees with field experts that screen and select only the best candidates before the final interview. Additionally, we also maintain an official network for candidates with the right skills across Nepal.