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Why to Visit Nepalese Manpower

  1. In general, Nepali people are renowned globally for their strong work ethics and honesty. In fact, thousands of internationally reputed companies have opted to hire Nepali manpower in various sectors for over three decades. From hardworking construction workers to highly skilled IT professional, Nepal hosts millions of hardworking and dedicated workers who are always committed to fulfilling the professional interests of their employers.

    Some of the reasons behind the increase in demand for Nepali workers are as follows :
    — Nepali workers are renowned for being hardworking, disciplined, punctual and responsible
    — Nepal hosts a wide variety of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers across multiple sectors
    — Workers are readily available for immediate placement
    — Workers are prepared to work across a wide range of climatic conditions
    — They are peace loving and are accountable towards their work and their employers.
    — The procedures and formalities for hiring workers from Nepal are rapid, easy and uncomplicated

  2. Objectives
    — To provide skilled manpower to foreign employment company and facilitate in the employment of unemployed and underemployed Nepali youths
    — To provide job opportunities in the countries permitted by the Nepalese government
    — To settle contracts with foreign government, various organizations industries and foreign agent companies, etc. for providing employment to Nepalese citizens
    — To recruit skilled, semi—skilled and unskilled workers for various countries

Where do we head?
Binamay international Pvt. Ltd. stands tall and is always prepared to lend the halping hands to those who are making efforts to enhance their living standard by imparting correct and up-to-date information and assistance in an optimal way. The mission of binamay international pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name, which is making all efforts to send all categories of Nepalese Manpower ranging from skilled to unskilled, professional to technicians, among others. Equal emphasis has been put on enhancing the living standard of the Nepalese people with an aim to boost the national economy, besides assisting unemployed people to secure a suitable job in abroad. Precisely enough, right person at the right place, is what we have been lying emphasis since the establishment of our agency. Our motto is not just working as a manpower-recruiting agency but also to prove that we are doing our best